Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spotlight: Phunkafrique 2010

[Funke Ogunde of Phunkafrique]

Last weekend saw the unveiling of a new Phunkafrique collection alongside two new lines - Phunk kids (for your favourite little people!) and Alionet, which Funke describes as a more "avant garde", "mature" and "sophisticated" line. Since its debut in 2007, Phunkafrique has steadily worked its way into many-a-closet, with its mixture of custom made and ready-to-wear pieces. Nowadays, the brand has definitely matured and seems poised for a total closet takeover. Their new collection includes tops, dresses and separates and it won't be long now before Phunkafrique evolves into a bona fide lifestyle brand. Here are some photos from the event:


The knockout piece! Swaths of multi-colored fabric create quite the statement dress. So fab! Gimme gimme:

Funky, fresh tops:

Delightful separates! We especially like the layered ruffle sleeves:

Cocktail dresses:

The Phunkafrique spread:

More pieces:

Phunk kids! TOOOOO cute:


Love the delicious bright colors and shapes! Definitely looking forward to more from this promising brand. TO ORDER:

Phone (lagos, nigeria): 0803 306 9807
E-mail: phunkafrique(at)


Photos courtesy of Funke Ogunde.

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