Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who Wore What: Joke Saro in Jewel by Lisa

This is why Jewel by Lisa's been having the sort of year its having: nobody does it quite like they do. The luxurious hand-beading on this piece is pure decadence and there's nothing quite like appreciating JBL's work up-close and personal because that's truly when many of their pieces come to life. Our Lagos Correspondent (introductions to come!) caught a mini JBL showcase on MNET's Studio 53 E!-style show last week and learnt that several of JBL's pieces can take an average of 120 hours to make. That's an average of 5 (FIVE) days. Need we say more?

 Some of you may recall seeing a similar piece to the one above in Jewel by Lisa's Spring/Summer 2010 show in New York:

We love, we love, we love! And we're doubly convinced of what we've known for quite a while - we absolutely need a Jewel by Lisa piece in our closets without further delay.

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Photo courtesy of the very, very talented Lanre Balogun.