Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who Wore What: Zed Eye's "Tribal Romance" Jacket

[River Island's PR maestro & Stylist Arieta Mujay]

We've kept an eye on Ngozi Pere-Okorotie's Zed Eye since we saw her work in a memorable "Gossip Girl" spread, courtesy of Pride Magazine. We heard some ZE pieces would be on display at a Clothes Show London event a few weeks ago and we requested photos so we could get a closer look at the brand's work. Seems one piece stole the show and became the instant crowd favorite - a colorful African Print jacket with slightly puffed sleeves from Zed Eye's "Tribal Romance" collection. Its simplicity made it quite the versatile piece and several folks found a way to make it their own:

Yes, that's Kelis rocking the same Zed Eye jacket! Turns out Zed Eye's going to be making some of her tour clothes! It's going to be a great summer :-) P.S. That's Zed Eye's head designer Ngozi on the right wearing the same jumpsuit featured in Pride Magazine here.

It's Arieta again! She's totally wearing the heck out of that jacket! Love the entire look. And her hair!

Uber chic with a fedora and oversized clutch. Love the mannequin's Zed Eye pants as well!

Mixing and matching with Zed Eye...and peep the lady in the back as well!

L-R: Ngozi's PA Bumi Thomas and British Fashion Expert and Presenter Caryn Franklin

This jacket sure got around! Zed Eye is definitely one brand to be on the lookout for in the days ahead.


Photos courtesy of Zed Eye

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