Friday, August 6, 2010

In The News: Michelle Obama to wear Bunmi Koko

[L-R: Francis Udom <Bunmi's partner>, Bunmi Olaye <of Bunmi Koko, wearing Bunmi Koko> & a guest wearing Bunmi Koko at the Africa Fashion Awards in June. Photo courtesy of Simon Deiner.]

We blog for moments like this. 

We've gone on and on about Bunmi Koko's bright star that just keeps shining brighter and brighter. After a string of successes, they have yet another feather to add to their now very, very feathery cap. They sent a "prospectus of [their] designs to the White House", Michelle Obama took a liking to a particular cream coat and, as you do, sent word to Bunmi Koko that she'd like one. Needless to say, Mrs. O will receive her cream Bunmi Koko coat in time for fall & Bunmi Koko's website may very well crash, amongst other things.

Truly epic, truly extraordinary! We're exceedingly excited for this amazing, amazing brand and can't wait to watch more and more of their brilliance unfold.



P.S. We wonder, could this coat from Bunmi Koko's Geisha's Reform collection be the cream coat in question? Time will tell.


Liberian Girl said...

Congrats Bunmi Koko, well deserved!

Sugarr said...

Amazing stuff.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ Liberian Girl: Absolutely!

@ Sugarr: Yuuuuup :-) This is totally huge!