Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spread Love: Maki Oh//Arise Magazine

We're enthralled by Maki Oh's ability to turn Africa's rich history into pieces of wearable art. Their spread in the latest Arise Magazine features one piece that's a great representation of what Maki Oh does - pieces of broken calabash are stitched together to create something we haven't quite seen before. While her feature (below) says something to the effect of Maki Oh looking to make more ready-to-wear pieces, we hope she doesn't tone it down too much because we're certain she's on to something.

[Click to enlarge and read the story]


Many thanks to Divine from Maki Oh for these photos :-)


Divalocity said...

I love this blog! I found you through one of my other favorites,NCS fashion Network.

MissBalance said...

I might not say it often and I've said it here before, Liquorice. Your blog is fabulous. I might not leave comments frequently, but I got you on blogroll :)

xoliquoricexo said...

@Divalocity: Thank you so, SO much :-) We really appreciate it! And we SOOOO love NFN, too!

@MissBalance: Awwww, we blush :-) Thanks MUCH!