Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who Wore What: Ituen Basi

Nigerian designer Ituen Basi is well-known for print-on-print wizadry and her distinctive look books filled with pretty faces and clothes. One of Ituen Basi's models (above, left) who has featured in several of her ads is the leading lady in alternative artiste Bez's new video, More You, a sombre ode to love lost. Naturally, she wears Ituen Basi - bright prints for happier days (notice the earrings and bracelets, too!) and a black Ituen dress and head piece for a funeral scene:


A couple more Ituen Basi sightings below:

Bez wears a fedora with a strip of print as seen recently at Africa Fashion Week on some very cute little men:

See the Ituen Basi necklace below?

A similar piece also makes it into this shot. Granted, it's very squint-or-you'll-miss-it but we squint so you won't have to :-)

We love us some Ituen Basi and we love her subtle and not-so-subtle appearance in Bez's brilliant video!

Shop Ituen Basi here.


Photo 1: Ituen Basi
Screen Shots by Shop Liquorice
Images from Africa Fashion Week courtesy of Simon Deiner

P.S. Silly us, we got so carried away with the fashion that we didn't quite give Bez his due praise. We can't gush enough about this rising star on Nigeria's music scene! We had a chance to see him live this summer at three different events in Nigeria and he was CRAZY D-O-P-E. Definitely the next big thing. We hear his album's dropping in September...while we wait, enjoy our favorite Bez song, "Zuchiya Daya (One Heart)" and spread the word:


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WOW! You guys are good!! :)

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@ Anon: Thanks a lot :-)