Monday, September 27, 2010

Love: Africa. Always.

[L-R: Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010, Jewel by Lisa Spring/Summer 2010, Giles Deacon Spring/Summer 2011, Missoni Spring/Summer 2011]

Print. Fashion's most enduring narrative has taken us from Morocco's enchanting souks to mixing and matching polka dots and Ankara. Occasionally, the conversation enlarges to include geometric shapes, a mention or two of nomads, all things ethnic and tribal and a quick dash around the globe in search of wonder. We wonder - will Africa continue to be one of the spokes around which fashion's wheels turn? Can Africa hold its own in a sea of voices or will it ultimately be used and discarded? Will Africa always be synonymous with print and nomads or is there a louder voice breaking through?

Shop Liquorice exists to help you answer those questions and to come to your own conclusions, but we have a slight bias - we strongly believe that there's nothing seasonal or "in" or newly cool about Africa; the beauty and complexity has been there all along and has existed without our permission. We've only just begun paying closer attention. And we should.

Stay tuned as we attempt to give you a guided tour through an enduring, surprising and perhaps unexpected fashion boom.



NY Mag
Jewel by Lisa

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Africa and its inspirations will always be in fashion. The global fashion world turns in cycles so at one point it will be another fashion trend but African attire and especially the contemporary trends that are coming from emerging designers such as Chichia, lalesso, Deenola as well as jewel by Lisa, Duro Olowu (The list is endless as we all know), who have been inspired by Africa but also many different elements will only cement this trend even further and the talent of each designer(s) in their own right.
Our Great grandparents were wearing traditional fabrics way before, since the beginning of time so I firmly believe that African inspired designers are not going anywhere.
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