Monday, December 13, 2010

SL Trend Watch: Ghana meets Nigeria

Ghana and Nigeria are next door neighbours, but do we know enough about each other fashion-wise? A number of out-of-Ghana brands are set to bridge the gap. 

We've all heard of kente in all its colorful variations and its roots in ancient royalty. We've also heard of established brands like Woodin. But how many budding out-of-Ghana fashion brands do you know? The first one the SL girls came across at a Beauty and the Feast exhibition in Lagos is ReneeQ, known for her unique statement mix-and-match tees. Last we checked, though, there's nowhere we can go in Lagos to get our ReneeQ fix...but all's not lost! We recently found out that Diva Delicious - makers of luxurious straw clutches and accessories in general (samples above) - is now available in Lagos [Oluwafemi Clothings, Good News Plaza, Suite A8, Agbaoku street, Opebi; +234 8055 355 945], and lovers of Christie Brown will be able to buy select pieces at Temple Muse from this Saturday, throwing some additional West African flavour into Nigeria's rapidly growing fashion scene.

Finally, if you're in Ghana and want a piece of Nigeria, Tebazile's store is a good start [Allys Plaza, Dzorwolu, Accra, Ghana; 0245 001 894].

Any other fabulous finds that bring Ghana and Nigeria that much closer? Please share!



Sugarr♥ said...

Oh these are gorgeous!

Harlow said...

Those are sooooooo beautiful!