Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shop For Less: William Okpo + Suno NY

The definition of "African Fashion" continues to expand to incorporate many, many definitions - from "tribal" and "ethnic" print to a more global all-encompassing aesthetic, to "Made in Africa" as a brand and movement in itself (e.g. Suno NY, Asos Africa), to the conscious incorporation of culture and tradition, and African designers in Diaspora who continue to upturn strict definitions, "African Fashion" is having quite a field day. Not convinced? Opening Ceremony has pieces from Suno NY and William Okpo, the former being predominantly made in Kenya and the latter being the brainchild of two sisters born to Nigerian immigrants and inspired by an "interplay" between "American cultural sensibilities" and an "immigrant's sense of style". Whatever you make of this diversity, we're certain it points to a new trend that will continue to sustain and re-invent itself for a while to come. While you ponder what "African Fashion" means to you, you may want to consider buying one or two Suno and William Okpo pieces from Opening Ceremony's ongoing sale.

Shop here and here.


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