Friday, February 11, 2011

Look Book: Tiffany Amber S/S 2011 "Raw Glamour"

Tiffany Amber has always had a finger on the pulse of the exotic, with her signature flowy no-fuss dresses and caftans, fluid silks suitable for sunny exotic faraway locales, and a mastery of cut and colour many women have grown to love. For Spring/Summer 2011, the pulse is on 70s glamour - a favourite trend the world over this season - and "the allure of 70s style icons" with their high-waisted wide leg pants, minis and maxis, and affinity for the loud and proud. Tiffany Amber's interpretation (fittingly titled "Raw Glamour") pays homage by channeling the delightful schizophrenia of that era where many looks dominated the fashion landscape at a go - Tiffany Amber offers a rich and complete palette for the woman who wants a bit of everything. There's lace, there's colour (aqua, spring green, daffodil, white, and iris), there's print, there's texture, flowy maxis, delightful minis, and a badass (no other expression readily comes to mind) fluid suit that encapsulates what's most alluring about Tiffany Amber - they know what women want without resorting to the trite or cliche. While we think the styling, hair and make-up could've stretched a little more, we have no doubt Tiffany Amber has yet another commercial hit.

 Which piece most speaks to you?



Tiffany Amber


Anonymous said...

I feel as though there's a big, fat white Elephant in the Tiffany Amber house... Collection's not working for me in more ways than I care to mention

The House Of Fabulous said...

I felt the same way. I usually looove Tiffany Amber collections but this particular one just didn't move me except for the printed one-shoulder dress and jumpsuit.