Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who Wore What: Duro Olowu, 2 Springs Apart

There's a certain woman that wears Duro Olowu convincingly, and Thelma Golden (Director and Chief Curator at the Studio Museum, Harlem, NY and Mr. Olowu's wife of 3 years) ranks pretty high on that list. Here she is at the Art Production's Good & Plenty Benefit (April 11, 2011) wearing a Spring 2008 piece. She almost always wears Duro Olowu, and most certainly wears him well.

A few days earlier (April 7), Michelle Obama wore her 5th Duro Olowu piece and her 3rd from his Spring 2010 collection. Mrs. O is a good lesson on how to approach a Duro Olowu piece if you're colour or pattern shy: contrast with a solid!

- SLiq


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Mrs. O

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SET said...

He does contract print mixing so well. Lovely.