Saturday, September 17, 2011

NYFW Spring 2012 - Pierre Antoine Vettorello Made in Africa RTW Runway Review

Total looks: 10

One might be forgiven for expecting an excursion to flighty places with Pierre Antoine Vettorello, and one might be forgiven for coming away with mixed feelings. After an electrifying show at Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos, after which he was awarded the Most Innovative Designer of the year award, we - perhaps wrongly - equated Pierre with an avant-garde aesthetic; a certain high art, borderline theatrical quality that his pieces at New York didn't seem to fully embrace.

Jaws burst out of satin blouses when Pierre was at his finest, silhouettes were simple and not far-reaching enough when he started to stray. Case in point: short, swingy skirts and short shorts - pretty, but that's not what we come to Pierre for.

The colour palette was rich in deep blue and maroon, with gorgeous prints emerging along the way, but not fully explored in this 10-piece collection. Highlights include a suede armour-like jacket, elaborate venus fly trap hats, and a cropped sleeveless suede jacket with two frontal pockets, while other pieces ranged from a silver jacket to a belted romper. 

Granted, Pierre is fiercely talented, but perhaps this New York showcase was premature and tame. It is possible to find a balance between art and commercial success, and there's every sense that Pierre Antoine Vettorello may need to rediscover that balance.

- SLiq

Images: Getty Images via Bella Naija

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