Friday, September 9, 2011

NYFW Spring 2012 - Suno NY RTW Runway Review

Backstage photos courtesy of Now Fashion

When Suno presents its direction for prints, it's never straightforward. Floral comes as a black and white print on a kanga jacket, kanga comes blanched, devoid of its usual colourful punch - but nonetheless compelling - and a skirt with a thigh high slit comes in a tweed-like morse code print. It's that head-on collision with print that sets Suno apart - the mixing of cotton eyelet with bold stripes and gold metallic florals with red metallic shorts.

The shape was very relaxed meets structured, as buttoned up shirts and high-collared blouses met sleeveless, sometimes loose, other times fitted dresses in silk and chiffon, with Suno's penchant for layering juxtaposing the various elements. The mood was playful yet mature (or 'grown-up', as the designers put it) - even their spring shorts were kept dressy and their hemlines below the knee (although a few did rise above). Pleated peplums met pleated check skirts, bare shoulders captured the spirit of spring, and while the colours weren't your typical cheery spring palette, the mix of cream, black, and white and the dominance of print struck the right balance, with a particular custard yellow print dress being a memorable distraction.

Once again, the real joy is in the mixing and matching, and Suno presented a range up for juggling and multi-tasking, with the right measure of spirit to prompt the question: How much longer till spring?

Runway photos courtesy of Milk Studios. More to come.

- SLiq

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