Monday, September 19, 2011

Who Wore What: The Deola Sagoe & Duro Olowu Edition

[Alek Wek in Deola Sagoe. Image via Haute Living]

Africa spotting is one of our favourite past times here at Shop Liquorice, and the WIE Ladies Night Cocktail Hour and Gala Dinner event this past Saturday is our latest playground. 

We spotted SLiq favourite Alek Wek in a gorgeous Deola Sagoe dress (seen here early last year at a RED event). Aso-oke has been one of the biggest trends this year (thanks to Deola Sagoe, Ituen Basi and Kemkemstudio, among others) and looks set for further exploration in seasons to come.

Designer Rachel Roy was spotted in a must-have Duro Olowu dress aptly called The Duro. From its debut in 2004, it has become quite the fashion staple, launching Duro Olowu's career on a high note indeed.

Finally, Thelma Golden always looks at ease in her Duro Olowu pieces, including this look from the designer's Spring 2011 collection. Duro Olowu's take on print-on-print is always endlessly fascinating.

Which look is your favourite?

- SLiq


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