Friday, October 21, 2011

Africa Fashion Week 2011: Day 1 Edit - Tart, Stefania Morland, Mataano

*Below, we've highlighted the bright sparks from Day 1 of Africa Fashion Week. Later in the day, we'll bring full-length reviews of the most compelling shows. Be on the lookout for our reviews of the Alexander Koutny, Marianne Fassler, and KLuK CGDT shows. 

TART - South Africa

A preponderance of black is Tart's forecast for Spring 2012. Possibly too anti-summer sunshine for some - especially given the abundance of colour on many-a-runway the world over - but also a practical, sure-fire approach to seasonless style. When it wasn't veering too close to autumn (we spotted knit and leather), silhouettes were simple and approachable, although not terribly ground-breaking or out of the ordinary. However, the part of us that craves straight-to-the-point clothes is easily swayed in this direction, and perhaps we may even sample the seat belt chic.


Lace. Sheer. Bows. Girly, but not in a syrupy or sickeningly sweet way, thank goodness. Once again, not much in the way of bold colour - black (and white) may yet be an emerging trend -, but certainly abounding in charming details. Layered ruffle mini skirts, metallic lace, and a supple silk jacket and romper. As a whole, several looks were too plain and simple, but a few of the gems are highlighted below, with Ajuma's evening frock (above) offering the most irresistible choice.


Finally, a healthy dose of fashion vitamin D by way of Mataano. A good number of these pieces were seen - and loved (read our extensive review here) - in New York last month, but the new nautical direction for accessories (rope necklaces,  espadrille wedges - mostly white and tan in South Africa to New York's black) lent an air of freshness and summer-worthiness.

Expect more extended reviews from the most memorable and compelling shows throughout the day.

Any favourites yet?

- SLiq

Photos courtesy of SDR Photo

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