Monday, October 17, 2011

Fashion Business Angola 2011: Christie Brown [Ghana]

For designers who take the wax print route, the challenge of re-inventing their appeal season after season is a significant and compelling challenge in itself. But not for rising star, Christie Brown, apparently - or at least not obviously so. Cutouts meet bare midriffs and signature fabric covered button embellishments, but the real stars of this show are the deft combinations and contrasts - panels of prints and solids co-existing, neon pops diffused with beige - and an overarching air of an increasingly confident and positively self-assured talent.

Modern, cosmopolitan pieces ranging from an effortlessly chic cropped jacket, high-waisted and relaxed, sporty pants, and ladylike charm by way of pleated skirts shone individually and collectively, offering a varied sampling platter of shapes and lengths for fluctuating spring moods. Fabrication was light and unfussy, contributing to the ease of several of the pieces - from colour-blocked print pantaloons to a cropped bustier complete with wax print straps.

Incidentally, while we love a little detail, the simplest pieces were the most satisfying, while the more elaborate (an electric cutout blue dress with with print strips for sleeves and a colour-blocked hemline comes to mind) pieces seemed to tackle much too much. The beauty of artful executions with minimal interruptions shone through, however, in a brilliantly cohesive collection from a refreshingly gifted designer. 


- SLiq

Photos: Simon Deiner Photo


Anonymous said...

*sighhh* out of all the African designers out there CB so represents me! Do you happen to know what price range her clothes run? And where I could buy it from (apart from myasho) in the US/ Nigeria?

Love love love/gotta have the first dress! ..Iya O to the rescue lol

xoliquoricexo said...

LOL! I know who this is, btw :-)

Christie Brown is BRILLIANT and I love that she has this effect on you! Judging from the pieces/prices on, she's not one for 'cheap and chic' :-) I've seen a few of her pieces in Temple Muse (Nigeria).

And why copy when you can #buyafrican, eh? :-)

Ag said...

I NEED that first and second dress! she is so up my alley in regards to her aesthetic and simple yet elegant pieces. and that first Jacket!!! I need them in my life!!! pure bliss!