Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SLiq Update: SEE YOU SOON x

Dear Friends and Fans of Shop Liquorice,

What started as a small way to celebrate Africa's blooming fashion scene has taken on a life of its own and opened new opportunities to us. As such, it's no longer business as usual at Shop Liquorice and we are planning a re-launch in the coming weeks.

Please bear with us as posting may be infrequent during the transition. We aim to be back in full force as soon as possible, and we're positive what we have planned for you all will inspire a renewed love for Africa.

Thank you for your continued support - your countless words of encouragement have been invaluable and kept us juggling Shop Liquorice with demanding work schedules and graduate degrees (what we were thinking?!). We'll resume tweeting shortly ( and we're certainly open to hearing from you all via e-mail (shopliquorice (at) gmail (dot) com).

We'll miss you all - but not for too long. See you soon :-)

- SLiq

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