Tuesday, May 13, 2008

fashion-to-go: spring '08 trends

spring '08 trends: how to wear sheer

not quite like this:

(l-r: miu miu, louis vuitton)

several designers were inspired by undergarments in their spring collections, but our favorite takes on this trend are the designs that incorporate elements of undergarments discreetly. it's one thing to send a model out in sheer fabric from head-to-ankle; it's an entirely different thing to introduce peek-a-boo/sheer elements and have them add their own unique flavor. here's how some designers interpreted the 'underwear is the new outerwear' trend on the spring '08 runways last year:

chado ralph rucci

a little see-through in the right places and voila:

he steps it up a notch with the detailing on this fabric, spreading the sheerness around in a way that's tasteful and striking:

finally, these pieces don't use sheer fabric but they channel the see-through trend by incorporating pretty cutout shapes:

looks from other designers:

t-b antonio berardi, alexander mcqueen, miu miu

the key is in the detailing. this trend can manifest as sheer sleeves (as seen above), lace detailing, etc. take these looks from shopbop and bluefly for example:

t-b jovovich-hawk, catherine malandrino, rebecca taylor, velvet, yaya aflalo, norma kamali

when you shop, keep an eye out for the details we've outlined above and you'll be well on your way. if you need any help or a second opinion, we're only ever one e-mail away - shopliquorice@gmail.com

runway photos courtesy of style.com


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