Tuesday, May 13, 2008

fashion-to-go/event: made magazine party

hello again! we've been on blogging overdrive, haven't we? well, here we go again! here are some photos from the recent made magazine party in lagos, nigeria + our trend report:

the go-to look for for men remains a blazer/tailored suit jacket, contrasting shirt, jeans (with a slight flare in some cases) and pointy-toed shoes:

as for these gentlemen:

the focus is still on their slightly flared pants and pointy-toed shoes but the first gentleman opts for a vest/waistcoat instead of a blazer and the second gentleman loses the extra layers and leaves his shirt tucked out.

our least favorites?

our favorite?


as for the ladies, we noticed lots and lots of dresses, denim, and lots and lots of belts...

*dresses with pink and blue tones:

* a few metallics and gold embellishments/embroidery:

*the LBD was well-represented:

*lots of denim (skinny for some) and a variety of tops:

* the staple waist belt:

notice the prevalence of clutch purses as well?


our least favorite looks?

our favorites?

agree? disagree? why?

see more pictures here.


Anonymous said...

Awwww, how nice of you to be so comprehensive! Love your favorite looks too. You're right on the money! Great blog!

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

wow!!! great pics!!

shop liquorice said...

@ anon: thanks very much :)

@ boutique mix: thanks for dropping by! and thanks to purefoto, lol.

Anonymous said...

Love Sarah's dress!

shop liquorice said...

not sure who sarah is, hehe...but thanks for dropping by :)

vindication through innocence said...

i LOVE that pink dress!! that babe needs to post it to jand sharpish!

shop liquorice said...

@ vindication through innocence: it's a pretty dress but we think what makes it extra special is that she wears it well. thanks for dropping by :)


undressed! said...

the girl in pink. Miss Ruki. fashion designer extraordinaire....watch this space.

comprehensive blog!...

shop liquorice said...

@ undressed: i saw some of her work @ an ASA fashion show ages ago and i was VERY impressed. i hope both of you return to the world of fashion soon because you're really very talented.

thanks for your compliment ('comprehensive' is a compliment, right? hehe!) and for dropping by :)