Thursday, May 22, 2008

look here: ashanti

(photo of ashanti courtesy of ybf)

who ran it? okay, just kidding. but it was love at first sight with this dress by MLH when we first stumbled on it @ shopbop. personally, we'd rather contrast the fabulous detailing on this dress with more subdued accessories...but ashanti does the exact opposite. which do you prefer?


like ashanti's shoes? well, they're by gucci and they're available here in black.


thoughts on the look and accessories? we'd love to hear from you!



Anonymous said...

very pretty dress.

Oyinkan said...

When i saw this picture, i really wanted to know where it was from so thanks for the tip :-)

I agree with you on the shoes. I dont like the ones she has on at all and i myself would have gone black or neutral.

Hope u're enjoying the weekend.

shop liquorice said...

@ anon: isn't it? :)

@ oyinkan: you're very welcome! we're right with you on the choice of shoes. thanks for dropping by! the weekend went fabulously well!


Yayemarie said...

def' the model..i like ashanti but som' about her looks always seem "tried almost 2 hard"...

shop liquorice said...

@ yayemarie: i agree with you that the model's look is better. must do some research on ashanti's style, lol.