Wednesday, April 30, 2008

buzz: american apparel does vintage...

california select vintage by american apparel

according to AA's website:

"California Vintage is a new concept from American Apparel. We've collected some of the great, unique, and inspirational styles and looks from all over the world to create a whole new way to shop for great vintage styles"

more here.

if you can't get to one of their stores, no problem! bid away on ebay here.



style.street said...

gee, you can get vintage everywhere now. Its good, but i guess its also kinda bad. I've just discovered a store in my town that stocks american apparel, but its only basics. Oh well, i guess its still a win.

shop liquorice said...

@ style.street: i hear you on the getting vintage everywhere tip! it takes the fun out of rack-combing in stores...but i'm not complaining too much though. i don't have the time to visit brick and mortar stores these days so ebay is my saving grace and I LOVE IT!

thanks for dropping by :)

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

that dress is really pretty. i'm just starting to get into vintage now. its really neat.

shop liquorice said...

@ boutique mix: isn't it? we should swap pictures and stories!