Friday, May 2, 2008

fyi: clutches + ranting + news + ugly betty

helllllllo & happy friday :) we thought we'd share a few fun things with you...but first, let's get this brief rant over and done with:

we blogged about the super fly marc jacobs airliner clutch here and we've been seeing lauren conrad rockin' it about town like it's nuthin'. last time we checked our piggy-banks, we had, what, $30 between the three of us? maybe $25. we were going to start a sisterhood of the traveling clutch sort of thing - you know, you keep it for 3 months, i keep it for 3, and on and on but LAUREN CONRAD just had to rub our brokeness in our faces, didn't she? we're too PISSED to continue typing. not really. hehehe. *rant over*

sources: ihatelc, popsugar

we're over it. maybe.


speaking of clutches, we were on ybf today and our urbanoutfitters/forever21 radar went off when we saw this picture:

want mr. legend's jumpoff's clutch? we've got the hook up:

l-r: urban outfitters $38, forever21 24.80


a few other things:

- you can how shop dsw online here! woohooo!

- you can also buy scented candles, notebooks, and mugs at forever21. what next, forever21? diapers? world domination? we just love how you keep us on our toes! (*sarcasm*)


okay, time for our ugly betty phone conference! ooooh, did any of you catch UB last week? forget the drama, we were floored by ugly betty's comeback outfit! good grief! betty actually looked pretty decent!!! *GASPS* okay, granted, 'pretty decent' is VERY relative and we're letting betty get off with a slap on the wrist, but see what we mean:

source: newsday

(we swear we've actually seen some vintage-inspired fashionistas rock this look, no lie!)

compared to this:


and this:

her wardrobe has undergone a major overhaul. hehehe.


back to our regularly scheduled programming SOON!



SET said...

Lauren looks hot in those pics, love the Marc Jacobs clutch. I like those clutches from UOF and Forever21, hope they look good in person.

Tosyn SPEECHgirl Bucknor said...

ha ha ha
- Sisterhood of the travelling clutch?
i am so there!

- i know what u mean by Forever 21. Still love their clothes and accessories though

Oyinkan said...

love the clutch! Its so annoying when celebs own everything you want in like 10 different colours, lol! At least we can aspire. I'm a big fan of ugly betty and i think her style has evolved a lot since the series started. I remember in the episode where she, henry, daniel and gio go to watch wicked', her clothes were not bad at all.

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

Lauren's clutch has my name all over it. very fab!!!

Anonymous said...

love the clutch.....and i don't care what they say...i'm still a huge fan of lauren

shop liquorice said...

@ set: hello :) i've seen the UOF clutch and it's pretty hot in real life. well, the black one anyway. thanks for dropping by!

@ tosyn: it's pretty cool, isn't it? maybe we should make it happen and include you!!! yes, we love f21, too...sigh. it's hard not to!!

@ oyinkan: SO glad someone else feels our pain on the celeb tip, lol. sigh. sooooon come! betty ROCKS hard!

@ boutique mix: i SWEAR if you squint, you'll see our names written all over it too, hehe! thanks for dropping by :)

shop liquorice said...

@ anon: oops, almost left you out there :) team lauren, huh? we're not mad @ you. chic is pretty fierce. okay, maybe we're getting a LITTLE carried away, hehe...