Thursday, April 24, 2008

discuss: fanny packs?

would you? could you?

we remember the days our parents would whisk us off on various touristy excursions with our fanny packs ('bum bags' or 'waist pouches' we used to call them back then...God bless the 90s) in tow...and since everything is making a comeback these days, we were wondering if you'd, you know, wear an actual fanny pack. as an accessory. what? we sound like we're being facetious? GASPS. never that. back to our question - would you? yes? no? indifferent?


well, what if it was a marc jacobs fanny pack in question?

does that make you feel better?


in somewhat related news, is any of this okay?

we'd LOVE to read your thoughts!



Anonymous said...

EWWWWWWWW! To both things.

Anonymous said...

no man should be carrying a hand bag i dont care if that is fashion. it is absolutely not right especially those huge way!!!!!!!!!

shop liquorice said...

LOL @ both anons. that bad, huh? hahaha...

Tosyn SPEECHgirl Bucknor said...


nice blog
pretty colours!

fanny packs might look odd in everyday life, but its what we all use during nysc in nigeria; its the only way to keep ur essentials with u

as for men and bags...
not unless its my bag!

shop liquorice said...

@ tosyn: thanks for the compliments :) oh gosh, i think the NYSC get-up is a travesty! it really is quite hideous. THOSE BOOTS!!!!! LOL. maybe we'll do a post on that soon. i hear you on 'unless it's my bag'. some of those 'murses' (man purses) are...inappropriate.