Sunday, April 27, 2008

K's favorite things: urbanknit + SALES!

my very first zipper pouch, $15 :)

[front - ankara; back - aso-oke; fully lined; 'urban knit' tag sewn in]

we blogged about urbanknit a while ago and i decided i absolutely had to get in on the amazingness. i went ahead and ordered a zipper pouch from urbanknit's etsy store a few weeks ago and i'm IN LOVE!!!! it currently doubles as a case for my i-touch and lipgloss so i VERY happily take it with me everywhere i go :) it arrived nicely packaged with a complimentary card and the cutest ankara pin! have i mentioned how much i LOVE this brand?!?! incidentally, i went back to urbanknit's store today and i was pleasantly surprised to find that she has a buy-one-get-one-free sale on all zipper pouches until april 30th! get on it!


speaking of special offers, another brand we blogged about here has a 10% off EVERYTHING sale for mother's day and free shipping on all orders over $100! visit boutiquemix here and get to shopping! we all know everyday is earth day and plastic bags don't do the environment much good, right? here's a simple, fabulous way to convert:

cute MUCH? and with the sale, it's now $4.50 so no excuses! here are some of the other items boutiquemix has on offer:

[t-b: hand-crafted batik print bangles, now $13.50 each here, red grass earrings, now $9 here, and a gemstone stretch bracelet now $22.50 here]

she also has clothes, purses, scarves, beauty and spa products, home accents/art, and much, MUCH more! shop here and visit boutique mix's new blog here!

[note - sale ends may 14]


if you're into vintage clothing and accessories, you should visit avantgaudy's new sale section here!

[paisley/amoeba blouse - now $18]


more fun posts coming soon! thanks for reading :)


Anonymous said...

This blog is too cool! Thanks for the scoop on deals! You're not helping my shopping addiction but I'm not complaining! Big fan of the blog even though I haven't ever left a comment. Keep the fab posts coming!

shop liquorice said...

very kind of you :) thanks SO much!


Brigitte said...

I'm definitely stopping by this shop. Thanks for the tip!

shop liquorice said...

you're welcome :)

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

you guys are soooooooooooo fabulous!!! thanks for this wonderful post. thanks for all this great support. i'm definitely feeling blessed.

shop liquorice said...

@ boutique mix: awwwwww, it's all very well-deserved :) keep at it and the rest will follow! okay, we stole that from someone...but still :) we're totally team boutique mix all the way!!!