Thursday, April 3, 2008

fyi: speaking of africa...

africa watch: 2 pairs of pumps, 1 dress, and 1 tee

we mentioned here that africa is very much in vogue this season and our daily dose of echoes our sentiments. first up, peep these christian louboutin pumps going for $740 a piece:

we saw them and thought 'hmmm, adire (tie-and-dye)' and then saw them described as the 'senegal fabric platform peep toe sling back'. we're not sure if you're on the same page as us but we find 'senegal fabric' a little vague. in any case, we're excited about these pumps and thought you might be, too!

more here and here.


also, speaking of barneys and africa, we also found that you can now shop duro olowu online here! so far, barneys only has one dress and at $7,600, we're not sure we can afford it just yet. however, it's great to see a nigerian designer with remarkable crossover appeal continue to make a huge splash abroad. here's his 'inspired by the women of bamako ' dress:

learn more about duro olowu here and shop (or e-window shop, more like) here.


in somewhat related news:

we first found out about this tee on kanye's blog and then here. sigh. thoughts, anyone?

stay tuned for more exciting updates and thanks for all the love so far :)



Anonymous said...

$7,600 for a dress, huh? I WISH. Really starting to like this blog and the features on Africa. Not those alone, you seem to juggle everything pretty nicely. I'm recommending you to a ton of my friends.

Keep the fun posts coming!

Anonymous said...

$7,600?!?! Dude must be OUT of his FREAKING mind!!!! I can get that ish made at Alade Market!!! lol

shop liquorice said...

@ anon: thanks, thanks, thanks :) we really appreciate it!

@ anon 2: LOL. no further comments at this time. hahaha. peace and love :D