Sunday, May 25, 2008

fashion-to-go: flower power?

spring is here, flowers are in full bloom outside...and in your favorite stores. case-in-point? this forever21 skirt:

it's a very literal take on the 'flower power' trend that takes a page straight out the hippie movement of the 60s. make love not war, anyone? right...well, as much as we love seeing flowers on our favorite items of clothing, we LOVELOVELOVE what lanvin did for spring '08:

source: elle

not quite what first comes to mind when you think 'flower power' but what an interpretation! the beauty is in the details and the creative genius to turn nature...

into something quite spectacular!

still on the 'flower power' theme, two real blink-and-you-miss-it moments loosely disguised in the ruffle blouse and the tulip skirt still take inspiration from flowers:

(asos blouse, vanessa bruno skirt)

to round up: if staying up-to-date is your thing, stay-up-to-date and carve out your own niche, don't take things too literally and keep an eye out for the details!

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Anonymous said...

that first skirt is cute.

Puyallup flowers

Stitch Society said...

love this post!

there is a lot more here too:

shop liquorice said...

@ theysaywordscanbleed: quite! :)

@ stich society: oh my! LOVE some of express's pieces! thanks :)

Tiger Tem said...

Love love love the skirt in the first picture. I would buy it but I have so many similar ones already.....

shop liquorice said...

@ tiger tem: thanks for dropping by! it's quite a popular style this season and it's SO cute, too!