Tuesday, May 27, 2008

discuss: to pantyhose or not to pantyhose?

a dear friend of teamliquorice brought this picture to our attention earlier today:

exhibit A

source: niyi tabiti

she was in hysterics over the lady's pantyhose (never mind her entire outfit!) because apparently, pantyhose and nigeria simply don't mix! but can they?

exhibit B

source: purefoto

we lumped this look with our least favorites from the made mag event here for a reason. it's too prom, too pink, too...sigh...need we go on? and the pantyhose!!! not. cool.

we totally see why our friend wasn't having it (re: exhibit A) but let's play devil's advocate here for a sec. we're going to take a step back and look at this situation objectively. okay, let's go! pantyhose serves two main purposes:

a. it keeps your legs warm during the winter months


b. conceals spots, blemishes, etc.

granted, it's rather hot in lagos so the idea isn't to wear pantyhose to the beach or outdoor events. indoor events often have air conditioning so you can get away with wearing pantyhose if you'd like some extra coverage. also, since pantyhose comes in a variety of shades and tones, PLEASE wear something that suits your complexion. or appear in public at your own risk.


need help? this might come in handy:



fel said...

LOLLLL! problem solved! you guys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Those outfits are really quite sad.

shop liquorice said...

@ fel: haha, thanks :)

@ anon: LOLLLLL. you said it not us :)