Monday, June 9, 2008

newsflash: fashion for peace

fashion isn't just about wearable art and eagerly awaited spring and fall collections; it's also becoming the life force of several charity shows in africa geared towards alleviating social ills. last year, the 'catwalk the world - fashion for food' show took place in lagos, nigeria. here's a quick recap:



[designs by cameroon's imane ayissi]

last month, the focus shifted to kenya where "scores of top African designers and models held a show in Nairobi National Park at the weekend to raise money for victims of Kenya's post-election violence and show a different face to their continent". this is very inspiring on many levels. it's heart-warming to see designers showcase work that we're convinced is deserving of a wider audience, and it's also great to see several of them come together for such a worthy cause. we hope this is one trend that doesn't get old or tired and we hope to see many more young, talented africans taking the initiative to better our beautiful continent.

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see more of the showcased designs here


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Anonymous said...

First time I'm hearing of Imane Ayissi. Thanks for shedding some light on our beautiful continent.