Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the love list: edition II

...aaaaand we're back like we never left! let's just say we're getting our hands into all sorts of stuff and our precious blog is suffering as a consequence...but not for long! we're back in full force...until further notice, lol. and to commemorate our return, here's what we're ooh-ing and ahh-ing over at the moment!


*blazers: who doesnt love blazers? they're the perfect compliment to any and everything! dresses? check! pants? check! shorts? check! skirts? check! now that fall is officially upon us (grumble, grumble), we can happily enjoy our blazers...well, at least until the snow pops in for a visit, lol. we're particularly in love with J.Crew's blazers, they're well-made and very comfy and they come in such darling be adventurous this fall and spruce up your wardrobe, step outside your "black" and "grey" box and get something out of the box like a plaid blazer a la Rhianna or bright and beautiful one from J.Crew:

*the rachel zoe project a.k.a. "I DIEEEE!" :-)

we're may-jahly in love with this show! rachel (yup, first name basis, lol) gets a ton of crap from the press but chic is still BANANAS (yup, had to go there, lol)!!!! can't nobody hold her down :-) her sense of style is fascinating and she has such a keen eye for putting some fah-buh-lous pieces together! and her shopping habits? how do you spell r-e-c-e-s-s-i-o-n? lol. we would surely die (not really) for a chance to work with her! p.s. how cute is brad?!?!?!

*the blackberry bold:

we've already told you we're convinced the blackberry's the ultimate accessory! these days, we're drooling over the new BLACKBERRY BOLD. sigh. it's sleek, wi-fi enabled, super efficient and pretty much everything we've ever wanted in a phone. dear santa, GIVE US BOLD!!!! please?

*hill harper:

he's fine, educated (brown AND harvard y'all) a man after our very hearts! and oh, so we don't come off as hopelessly shallow, he's extra hot to us 'cause he's actually DOING pretty amazing things with his celeb status. never heard of him? GASPS. look him up :-)

* david yurman's, all of them:

we're SO done rocking forever 21 and H&M rings and are looking to invest in uber fabulous majorly blinging cocktail rings this fall. who better to look to than Mr. Yurman?? *insert mini daydream here* we could say many, many things about D. Yurman's work, but we'll let the pictures do the talking:

how do we love thee? let us count the! what are you loving at the moment? please share :-)



Anonymous said...

luvs it!

SET said...

I die, love rachel, miss the show already it was only a few eposodes. I love brad and taylor is a brat damn she has no respect for rachel. Rachel is mad cool he fashion sense it crazy she was born to do it. I want the Blk Berry bold but Verizon does not have it, well not nework has it yet.

J'Adore Fashion said...

am sreaming for a blackberry bold too--->so cute ;)

Urbanknit said...

loving the red jacket

Anonymous said...

Can you please do a post on Brooches?

Samantha Smikle said...

agree with you on hill harper, rachel zoe and the david yurman rings--that gold one is beautiful! but i love my bb curve! :p
xo and happy holidays!!