Tuesday, January 27, 2009

spotlight: lola faturoti

[lola faturoti spring/summer 2009]

we're not too keen on new year's resolutions...'cause we're lazy and probably have ADD :-) howeverrrr, we get majorly chuffed when anyone asks us "who" we're wearing and we have the rare pleasure of name-dropping one of our favorite african designer BFFs, lol. we're inspired by a plethora of people, places, and things & we like to think we're as comfortable in forever21 as we are in phillip lim or vintage dresses from ebay. yet, our wardrobes curiously lack pieces from african designers and ADD and laziness aside, we're working very hard to change that this year. case in point - it's not even february yet and one of us has managed to lay her claws on one of duro olowu's highly coveted silk kimono dresses @ an UNBELIEVABLE discount!! *applause* thank you, thank you, you're far too kind, lol. not too shabby, huh? wellll, now we're on the prowl for more delightful pieces and lola faturoti is majorly floating our boats at the moment. if we had all the $ in the world, we'd own the following dresses from her spring/summer 2009 collection:

sigh. way to tug at our heart strings :-)

more here.