Tuesday, January 27, 2009

routing for: adejoke taiwo

[the strapless day dress by adejoke taiwo]

this just in: we africans sure do get around! but you already knew that :-) we know we're not the only ones who get unreasonably excited (yes, breakdancing been known to spontaneously happen) when young, driven africans spice up our favorite reality shows :-) soooo without further ado, expect great things on this season's project runway canada! aside from the fact that iman's (*bows*) the hostess with the mostest, 24-year old adejoke taiwo of alala dreamer is one of the contestants!!!! never heard of her? well, we hadn't until now ourselves...so let's play catch up, shall we?

here's her website
her facebook fan page
her designer profile for project runway
and her audition video

isn't she GREAT? lol. YAAAAAY africa! we especially love that her african heritage is part of her aesthetic...

"My parents’ Nigerian background really influences my design sense. I find the fabrics inspiring and the silhouettes completely different from North American culture. It’s exciting."

...and the inspiration behind alala dreamer:

àlalá is noun in the native Yorùbá language of Nigeria; àlalá is defined as dreamer. The àlalá collection designed for the optimistic woman.

once again, YAAAAAAY africa :-) now that we're all caught up, mark your calendars! season 2 of project runway canada starts TODAY!!! hopefully we'll get in on the action via youtube...

spread the word!!!


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