Tuesday, February 24, 2009

london fashion week: MOMO fall 2009

just last week, we expressed a certain disappointment with Momo's collection at New York Fashion Week. we also said the following:

we're keeping our fingers crossed for an outstanding comeback for momo because we know fati has it in her to be amazing.

well, folks, looks like our prayers got that much closer to being answered. Momo showed again at London Fashion Week today and she definitely shook things up. last week, we saw this dress and didn't think much of it:

this week, we got this dress:

and somehow, between the fancy gele-like headdress, latex leggings, and the shorter hem, we definitely gave this piece a second look. some of her week-old looks (from NY fashion week) received refreshing new updates and several new pieces were thrown into the mix for good measure. here's a closer look -

new pieces:

this time around, there was a clearer point of view. we saw more simple animal print dresses, but we also saw two striking knit dresses and a stunning metallic burnt copper piece. it's amazing the difference a little more variety and new accessories can make.

the old updated:

for these pieces, the new accessories brought them to life. and the geles were a particularly nice touch. we're excited to see yet another staple traditional piece transformed into something spunky and modern. the first three dresses weren't altered at all but they look that much better. the cropped jacket in the 4th look was paired with a dress in New York. this time around, Momo threw pants in and added a dash of pizzazz with the sheer belly. for the 5th look, she simply changed the color of the pieces and altered the jacket slightly. for the 6th, we have another all black look and a dress with a longer hem.

last week, we said:

granted, some of these pieces might look a little more alive with the right accessories but the point of a runway show isn't to give us a blank canvas; it's to tickle our imaginations awake. thus, we absolutely should've seen more accessories on the runway and then we could've taken our cues from there and added our own personal touches. that said, the actual dresses themselves could've used considerably more work. what happened to all the little details?

this week, we're saying:

bravo, Momo. very nicely done.


p.s. will dresses worn with geles catch on? let us know what you think!

photos courtesy of: coutorture


Teju said...

Latex geles? Hecks ya!!!!!!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ Teju: LOL, THAT'S the spirit :-)