Tuesday, February 24, 2009

and the award goes to...

here's one post that was bound to happen. a little background:

i) we spend entirely too much time on the internet
ii) our brains can't not make these connections

that said, take a close look at these photos:

notice anything? yes, ifeoma looks stunning in all-black and mo abudu looks ravishing in her red issa london dress and louboutins. notice anything else? hint: look at their necks. yuuuup, they're wearing the same necklace! lol. a little more background - ifeoma williams is mo abudu's stylist so it's totally possible that she thought the necklace might spice things up for Mo and thus let her borrow it for a day. or maybe they own the same necklace. that's not the point. we're sitting here with piles of work and in the interest of procrastination (YAY!), we want to know - WHO RAN IT? yes, that's where we were going with all this, lol. and the award for best use of the black layered necklace goes to...




Anonymous said...

LOL! You guys are great! I'm with Ifeoma on this one!

Teju said...

Ifeoma! Mo's accessories don't seem very cohesive to me.

Nice blog!

bella said...

LOL....Y'all r good! i totally didnt spot tht!
u know i'm a fan of your blog. keep it up ladies!

Anonymous said...

Ifeoma!! She's an all around fashionista and she rarely ever does wrong!!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ Anon: thanks :-) i'm with ifeoma, too! Mo doesn't look half bad, though!

@ Teju: That's my issue with Mo's look, too! and thank you :-) please come again, lol.

@ bella: OMG! hi bella :-) thanks much!!

@ Anon: i totally agree! she's also very demure and sophisticated, which we generally don't see a lot of these days.

thanks y'all!