Tuesday, February 24, 2009

look here: victoria beckham

GASPS. victoria. where to begin. chic is straight KILLING it in that dress. this look is one of several from her highly coveted fall '09 collection. if you're looking for chic, elegant dresses with a bit of spunk, you've come to the right place. peep these pieces:

we'll take them all to go, please. what? card declined? BUMMER. lol. on a more serious note, victoria's updates on these classic silhouettes maketh our weak hearts go a-flutter. if anyone knows what works and how to create a collection that reflects that without being too cliche or obvious, victoria is said person. and if we ever stay off our lazy backsides long enough to design our own collections (hey, if everyone's doing it, YES WE CAN! lol), we're definitely taking a page out of her book. more power to her.

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