Tuesday, March 31, 2009

buzz: arlenis sosa/time style and design magazine, april 2009

we've had our eyes on dominican model, arlenis sosa for a hot minute. she's striking, she's beautfiul, she's FIERCE. here are some photos from her spread in the time style and design's april 2009 magazine. the theme? out of africa.

so ridiculous we can barely contain ourselves. this season's africanista isn't just of the african-print dress wearing variety. there seems to be a strong emphasis on a vibe, little bits and pieces that are reminiscent of a contemporary african who's in touch with a more conservative, traditional side. from animal print, to raffia bangles, to bold, statement pieces (necklaces, earrings, rings), to head wraps, the message is this - mix and match, take a walk on the wild side, clash, make it your own. we love that the first spread features a jacket by liquorice favorite, duro olowu and two other spreads (the 4th and 6th, not counting the cover) feature pieces from out of africa brand, suno.

spreads like this are one of the reasons we blog.



big, BIG shoutout to thefashionspot


Fly Girl said...

Stunning. I love Arlenis and the whole Africa chic thing groing on right now. It's funny how it goes in and out, I never stopped wrapping my hair or wearing bangles and wax prints but now it's supper hot. Thanks for the heads up, I'll be searching this issue out.

Mazuba said...

Where can I find this mag?I searched barnes and noble but they dont have it listed on their website.Do you think it would be in the store?I really want to buy it.I buy anything that says something or dispalys anything positive abt africa ,especially fashion mags.I bought the arise magazine for 11 dollars but it was worth It.It had some nice fashion pics too.You should check it out.

ijaw girl said...

omg!omg!omg!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! this is beyond amazing.i'm literally short of words.truly breathtaking,oh!so beautiful.love it!!!!!!!!

blogoratti said...

Loving the designs.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ fly girl - we're SOOO with you on that! what i especially like is that i don't have to spend horrendous amounts "getting the look", i can always hop off to a market in lagos/africa and a tailor right after. FUN :-)

@ mazuba - hmmm, not sure. i'll have a look around and get back to you. and we soooo want to see the arise mag but we're not sure where to get it! where did you get yours?

@ ijaw girl - THAT right there is almost exactly how i reacted when i saw the photos. i almost stopped breathing. lol.

@ blogoratti - pretty dope, no?

thanks for dropping by y'all :-)

Zulu Rose said...

This is a nice spread, I am glad that the stylist featured Duro...

Zulu Rose

xoliquoricexo said...

@ zulu rose: hello :-) we're glad too! it'd def. be great to have more african designers showcased in the very near future.