Friday, April 3, 2009

black friday: tracee ellis ross

we LOVE us some tracy, we love us some black...and since ms. ross has been wearing a helluva lotta black lately, we thought we'd do a little tribute to her style:

we're digging the leather detail on her kimono-style dress and her gorgeous teal louboutin declic (?) pumps - they're such a clever alternative to simply throwing on bright red or yellow shoes.

o o o

her look her is pretty muted but her hair looks fabulous, as are her cutout pumps. the dress itself is pretty darn stunning. as with the look above, she keeps her accessories to the barest minimum.

o o o

watch her work :-) we LOVE that she spiced this look up with the givenchy pumps that we kinda sorta own (fine, it's the steve madden version, lol), her red nail varnish, and her black + gold oval ring (not pictured here, but see below). again, it's the little things.

o o o

bright lipstick, gorgeous hair, a simple but fantastic dress + black accessories = 10/10. the woman doesn't take breaks, lol.

altogether now...*GASP*. lol. what more is there to say? people shouldn't be allowed to be this fabulous.

hope you're inspired :-)



abster said...

thanks hun

i loveeee traceeee.
her body is to die for

Titi said...

The 2nd to the last look is my fave. Absolutely chic!

Fly Girl said...

I love me some Tracee too! Although I'm not a fan of tons of black, Ms. Ross works it well enough to make me reconsider some things!

ijaw girl said...

buoy!,she FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!

NaijaBabe said...

I know.....she is just too much

xoliquoricexo said...

@ abster: you're welcome! and yes, YES, YES!!!!

@ titi: mine, too! need to "ankarize" that dress, lol.

@ fly_girl: glad to hear that! huge fan of tons of black though! lol.

@ ijaw_girl: she seldom misses the mark. sigh. ADORE her.

@ naijababe: she mos' def is :-)

thanks for dropping by!