Friday, March 13, 2009

wanted: onna ehrlich's "rachael"

we've been loving this purse looong time...and in our bid to support our fellow africans and invest in more quality pieces, we just might be ready to take the plunge. versatile, roomy, leather -- what's not to love? granted, $650 is a little much but then again, quality seldom comes at rock bottom prices. this purse comes in a variety of colors but we're leaning towards the cognac one above. it's a lovely shade of brown to have handy. which do you prefer?

more here.

interestingly enough, botkier has a very similar purse:

the side zip detailing definitely adds some extra edge if that's what you're into.

more here and here.

any other brands we should know about? share!



ijaw girl said...

gosh!i'm seriously in love with all things onna ehrlich.coveting the brown one.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ ijaw girl: we're right with you :-) many thanks for dropping by!