Saturday, April 25, 2009

buzz: LDA's new collection

hello :-) sorry about not blogging as often as we'd all like. all 3 of us are majorly swamped with all sorts at the moment...but we're not going anywhere! so always stay tuned! please and thank you :-)


today is another LDA day...because she's worth it! we love that she's a designer who stays true to her creative vision and keeps re-inventing the past with commendable results. here's a sneak peak into her new collection courtesy of her facebook group:

quintessential LDA! vintage prints, ruffles, bows, exquisite fabric -- nothing bog standard or ordinary here! for more photos and info. on how to order, click away! oh, and for good measure, here's the designer wearing her designs:

she def. adds vibrancy to the nigerian fashion scene and keeps things interesting. we LOVE her and can't wait to see more of her offerings in the future!!



photos courtesy of: lagosisland


Fly Girl said...

Interesting doesn't even begin to describe these pieces! Love, love the layering of fabrics and styles for a fresh look.

Titi said...


Ladyee Boutique said...

Cute, cute!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ fly girl: helloooo! be on the lookout for more of her pieces here :-) she's fast becoming one of my favorites!

@ titi: sigh. me too :-)

@ ladyee boutique: YES!!!