Saturday, April 18, 2009

spotlight/ShopAfrica: Cocoa Mache

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this is such a proud moment for us! we're very, very excited to be introducing Cocoa Mache, a brand that shares our vision of giving more exposure to african designers and africa-inspired brands around the globe. we're especially glad that the designer Cocoa Mache, Joke, is a dear friend of ours! we congratulate her on getting her gorgeous pieces online! brands who've taken that giant step make it that much easier for blogs like ours to help them get the word out. Cocoa Mache's vision is to provide pieces that incorporate african fabrics in ways that allows them to glide into your closet and your life. we've been die-hard supporters of Cocoa Mache since she sold pieces from her suitcase (lol) and we own several pieces ourselves. you should definitely get in on the action and take advantage of her "$5 off for the first 10 buyers" promotion!

here's a little preview of what's on offer:

get in on the action here! you're in for an eyeful :-)



Anonymous said...

Cool prints, cute model, nice dresses!
Looks fun!


Fly Girl said...

I'm loving these designs! Especially the last one with the cute belt! These are totally me, will check out the site.

Ladyee Boutique said...

Lovely styles. I like!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ zulu rose: agreed! her pieces are even more gorgeous in person.

@ fly girl: love them all! lol.

@ ladyee boutique: aren't they? simple, unfussy, and traditional print with a new twist. LOVE.