Saturday, September 12, 2009

style notes: tiffany amber spring 2010

tiffany amber's 14-piece collection featured her signature fluid, maxi dresses, complete with the same embroidery she introduced at arise africa fashion week. "relaxed chic" seemed to be the overriding theme and the fashion powerhouse incorporated printed fabric with rich yellow undertones as well as a variety of lengths. here's a quick run-through:

a. maxi-style, different sleeve styles and lengths, complete with solid colors, printed fabric, and metallic dresses:

b. water-color, resort-style dresses with summer hues. notice the stone centerpiece on the cutout maxi dress and the beaded halter dress.

c. yellow definitely stole the show, mixed in with gorgeous print - a collaboration between tiffany amber and artist kolade oshinowo.

d. lace contrast dresses - patterned underneath with a sheer lace overlay.

e. lastly, a relaxed, silk romper for the road :-)

all in all, classic tiffany amber with new twists thrown in and a definite visual delight.




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Anonymous said...

This definitely classic Tiffany Amber. Even without captions you would know her pieces which is the fine line designers tread between a signature look and boring and predictable. It felt more like the latter to me especially considering the first 4 pieces look like the same dress. While the last piece was an attempt at something different, it looked like an orphan in a collection of flowing robes designed for an older woman and would probably been more at home in JBL.