Saturday, October 3, 2009

we'd rather be in lagos: beauty and the feast

next sunday (oct. 11), you lucky buggers in lagos (we love you really :-)) have this to look forward to:

 "a gathering of the most outstanding, unrivaled, style-imbued designers, fashion icons and beauty professionals under one roof to showcase the effulgence of Nigerian Fashion"...

o o o

including brands such as bkids, alima oyofo, amede and many more.

great for networking, great for freebies, and great for getting make-up and hair advice! don't miss it if you can make it!!

o o o

date: sunday, october 11, 2009
time: 1-8pm
location: coral reef - 10, ikoya avenue, off macpherson street, ikoyi, lagos.

for further information, visit bella and morsi.


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