Monday, November 16, 2009

ShopAfrica: the DRC clothing co.

we're huge fans of tees that make a statement. a fashion statement's good but a political statement is even better. enter stage left: the DRC clothing co., bringing the best of both. in the words of its congolese-american founders,  "it's cool to be conscious", and we couldn't agree more. take this tee, for instance:

[the hills of ills tee, available here and here]

 what a powerful way to kick-start a conversation about the staggering number of men and women who've lost their lives in the struggle over natural resources. how many lives are worth sacrificing over one diamond? 

remember, it's cool to be conscious, and wearing your beliefs on your chest is a good look.

shop here for a wide variety of statement tees, including more light-hearted options.


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