Saturday, November 14, 2009

we'd rather be in lagos: Sun, Nov 15 - Zebra Living + Phunk Afrique

those of you who've noticed our regularly updated "upcoming events" section (see sidebar) will already know about the following events. be sure to lend your support by attending one event or both, if you can:

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feel free to rsvp here, if you'd like! 

p.s. can we just say we're verrrrry excited to see Zebra Living on the mainland? many of the top fashion events happen on the lagos island, and while we're not about to launch into a mini-essay on the lagos island/mainland divide, we're glad folks are starting to pay attention to their potential mainland customers who don't always feel up to the commute.



date: sun, nov 15
time: 12 noon - 7pm
location: 23, bishop oluwole street, victoria island, lagos
phone: 080 3306 9807

expect 'a sumptuous new mix of fabrics and styles, revealed in the fabulous fall collection. don't miss out on the chance to update your wardrobe; the party season's just around the corner!' (from funke ogunde of phunkafrique's facebook page)


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