Saturday, November 14, 2009

who wore what: Style Me Nigeria hosts Zainab Ashadu + Isioma Aihie in Zebra

[left to right: style me nigeria host Zainab Ashadu, style me guest, style me nigeria host Isioma Aihie)

we spotted Style Me Nigeria hosts Zainab and Isioma in a recent episode of style me and immediately recognized their dresses as classic Zebra Living pieces. zainab wears the horta dress from Zebra's urban nectar collection (dress available online here courtesy of ladyee boutique), while isioma wears an adapted grecian-style tie-dye cleopatra dress.

for more information on the Zebra Living brand:

website: zebra living
facebook group: living zebra
phone: + 234 (0) 802 699 0796
SHOP ONLINE: myasho, ladyee boutique



Colour me surprised! said...

To be honest I've always found Zebra a little too predictable and boring to pay attention, but now that Im seeing the pieces on real people I have too commend them. They might have sacrificed the cutting edge for wearability, but these ladies look stunning.
I've noticed there has been a deluge of new designers (Phunkafrique, Zebra, Tae etc) producing commercial ready to wear, but its been a while since we had a new creative force (Deola Sagoe, LDA etc) that provokes new ideas.
I suppose what Im saying is everything is very pretty and pretty boring.

xoliquoricexo said...

@ colour me: thanks so much for your comment! while we totally see where you're coming from, we're going to have to play devil's advocate on this one. brands like LDA and deola sagoe are undoubtedly innovative and exciting but the pieces they make are generally not for everyday wear. brands like zebra cater to the ready-to-wear niche market, offering sometimes simple, no frills attached pieces because, let's face it, DS and LDA's styles and prices don't lend them to daily usage so Zebra and co. bridge that gap. now, that's not to say a little innovation isn't welcome - it certainly is! still, the armanis of this world will always co-exist with the tory burches and topshops. variety truly is the spice of life! that said, there are a number of collections under the Zebra Living umbrella so they do dabble into innovation every now and then, but i'm not sure if it's on the same scale as LDA or DS.

i'm glad the Zebra pieces came alive for you :-) feel free to explore past posts...we've had quite a number of LDA features and i think they just might excite you. the woman is pretty amazing.

thanks for dropping by :-)


Ladyee Boutique said...

Thanks for the mention ladies!

xoliquoricexo said...

you're always welcome, ladyee :-)