Saturday, November 28, 2009

spotlight: afro-chique

it's amazing how just the right accessories and the right attitude can lift african print from something commonplace to something beautiful. while we greatly admire brands that push the envelope, we're also fans of accessible brands that make simple, unfussy, beautifully-executed pieces - pieces that simultaneously stand out and blend in with our existing wardrobes. afro-chique, an out-of-london brand, is clearly one of such brands:



Arielle said...

thank you!!

Ladyee Boutique said...

I like!

xoliquoricexo said...

@ Arielle: n/p :)

@ ladyee boutique: i loveee! lol.


Alexander Derrick said...

Our favorite blog strikes again!!!
Love these pics. I also agree with you. Well tailored Afro-fashions always look good. Vlisco's fabrics have become part of Africa over the last 100 years. They will always be in style.

I would buy this kind of fashion for a woman.