Wednesday, December 2, 2009

spotlight: aschobi designs

last time we blogged about aschobi designs, we described their collection at arise africa fashion week as "spunky, young, fresh, and cool." now we're fascinated by the distinctly sophisticated edge of their 4th collection. here's a sneak preview of what to expect:

stunning model, striking clothes. totally in love. it's refreshing to see african designers come to their own with fabric other than african print. not that there's anything wrong with african print :-) but the distinct lack of retail shops (think topshop and forever 21) can be incredibly frustrating...and sometimes, running to our local tailors just doesn't cut it. it's great not to have to look abroad exclusively for basic and fancy pieces. slowly but surely :-)

africa rocks, maaaaaaaaan!!!!!

see more of aschobi's 4th collection here.

o o o

photographer: sophia spring
model: kadie kamara
hair, make-up, and styling: adama kai
location: country lodge, hill station, sierra leone


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