Wednesday, December 16, 2009

spotlight: GREY by obi obi and ruki ladoja

first, the back story: we were in Lagos a while ago and "Grey" kept popping up - in idle chatter, in magazines, online, etc. we paid attention. we LOVED. and the price tags? nothing pretentious or stuffy. we'll say it again: NOTHING PRETENTIOUS OR STUFFY. how often do we see that with out-of-africa brands? nowhere near often enough. with that, our love affair with Grey started. now, to the main story:

in their words: so listen! this is not couture. it's not even high fashion. it's just clothes. great wearable clothes, designed and made by the 'boy and girl of Grey.'

why we love 'grey': because it's a collaboration between a boy (obi obi) and girl (ruki ladoja) who clearly understand the art of fabulous pieces with price points that don't break the bank. because anyone who's looking to invigorate her work wardrobe finally has somewhere to turn, and because, let's face it, there's absolutely NOTHING grey about grey :-) grey is a surefire recipe for instant fabulousness and it's in your best interest to jump on the bandwagon while there's space.

oh, and good news! GREY's hosting an event this sunday, dec 20th. get ready to shop, folks!:

more info here.


connect with GREY:



J'Adore Fashion said...

love the outfits esp the one in the second pic!!!

RUKKY said...

OMG!!! many many thanks for the shout've done a far better job than we cld have with the description..well save u a "catch me if u can" GREY piece apiece if u ever make it down here..


xoliquoricexo said...

@ j'adore fashion: GREY's awesomeeeeeeee!

@ rukky: OMG, thank YOU for dropping by :-) can't wait to join the ranks of Grey-owning girls super soon. keep doing what you do! we LOVE.