Friday, January 22, 2010

audi joburg fashion week day 1: spero villioti

[we mentioned last week that the audi joburg fashion week would kick off on the 20th of this month. it's well underway now...stay tuned for the highlights.]


ABOUT THE BRAND: "Spero believes that all women are inherently beautiful and sees his role as a designer to emphasise their unique and special beauty. He believes that they all have the power to seduce and designs to enhance this quality but without ever being vulgar. His designs make his clients feel younger and zappier. 

He draws inspiration from living life and seeing the attractiveness of the women around him.

This inspiration has led to many elegant, stylish and glamorous creations which have been recognised in many ways during his career. He has been awarded the South African JandB Rare Designers Award, the London Frank Usher Award, the Most Successful Art Student Award at the London School of Fashion and the Textilia Young Designer Award in Greece.

Most of all though, Spero believes that his work must be recognised through the appreciation of the women who wear his creations." [source]

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WHAT WE LOVED: this was our first encounter with the spero villioti brand and we were positively dazzled by the kaleidoscope of wide-ranging pieces. there's something for whatever it is you're into, especially if the words "glamor" and "fabulous" form the backbone of your mantra. we were also enchanted by the extraordinary detail and execution in this collection...and, truth be told, we got our fashion equivalent of a sugar rush looking - and lusting after - these fabulous frocks.

SUGGESTIONS: there was far too much going on and this collection lacked a clear theme and direction. too many colors, too many elements, and entirely too crammed for our taste. what emerges is a designer who's brilliant and versatile but who made this far too obvious by showing everything he can do. all in all, a bloody good show - but it could've been that much closer to perfection if he did more with less.

see entire collection here.


photos from SDR Photo

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Fashion week reviews, what the SLq girls do best!! It's gonna be an exciting few weeks ahead. We love ur "analysis", mooooore please! Saze