Saturday, January 23, 2010

audi joburg fashion week day 3: david tlale

[the designer's mood board]


ABOUT THE BRAND: "both daring and dramatic, david tlale is a brand that defies convention and a brand that impenitently employs unpredictable use and understanding of fabric, colour and texture...his, is a  household label that firmly stands its own ground among a sea of other labels; this being attributed to the sheer design erudition and precision that challenges mediocrity." [source]

ABOUT THE SHOW//WHAT WE LOVED: now HERE'S how to put on a show. david tlale's exclusive invitation-only presentation titled "fantastical structures" represented the inevitable fusion between architecture and fashion. in david's words: "the relationship between fashion and architecture is not a particularly oblique one. both are based on structure, shape  and basic necessities - clothes and shelter...." we got a clear feel for that in this collection through and through. his designs struck a fine balance between edgy and feminine without losing his design ethos in translation. in other words, he created fantastical structures that were firmly planted on the ground. tlale brought much-needed spunk and liveliness to audi joburg fashion week with his impeccable attention to detail and his willingness to push the envelope without compromising on wearability. he employed a variety of fabrics [chiffon, leather, jersey, etc.] and kept his palette simple but strong. metallics certainly stole the show, but a hint of red shone through every now and again. we can't gush enough about the brilliance of this collection - this is truly david tlale at his sharpest and best and he certainly belongs in the canon of africa's most exceptional. fantastically well-executed, highly covetable clothes and a sure stamp of approval from anyone whose opinion counts. what more could one want?

SUGGESTIONS: please, please, PLEASE make these clothes available online. that is all.

see more pieces in the post below. these photos courtesy of SDR Photo.


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Anonymous said...

I must commend you girls on doing such an amazing job. You dig up the most amazing info. on Africa's fashion scene and you make it look so easy. Whatever you're doing is working. I fear you may be outgrowing this blog, though - you absolutely need a website/bigger audience and a job with a fashion-forward magazine, if you don't already have one.

What a blog! I really appreciate the effort that goes into this.