Tuesday, January 19, 2010

cover girl: shingai shoniwa on the cover of New African Woman

we've just caught wind of a magazine called "New African Woman" and those who know it best describe it as "the magazine for the discerning women of substance." issue 4 comes out on Jan 27, 2010 in the UK [due out Feb 1 worldwide] and this edition's cover girl is none other than shingai shoniwa, lead singer of the noisettes. shingai, as some of you may already know, has zimbabwean origins and has cited this as an influence on her style. shingai wears a dress by nigerian designer nkwo onwuka of nkwo designs [seen at Arise Africa Fashion Week last June] and a leather belt by ndamus london. see a full runway photo of the nkwo piece below:

absolutely gorgeous.


connect with New African Woman:

see past issues and subscribe to the digital edition for 18 GBP/year here: IC Publications


**EDIT** we totally forgot to include these excerpts from the magazine when we posted this yesterday. our apologies!


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Titi said...

Shingai is too much woman for me! I can't keep up! Lol. Love her to bits. Never heard of this magazine until now - then again, hadn't heard of several of the brands on your blog until you featured them. Thanks a bunch, Team SLiq! Can't tell you how much having a blog like this means to me.

And xo right back at you guys!